Campus Management Empowers Small Colleges and Universities to Achieve Significant Growth

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Boca Raton, FL — March 18, 2013 — Campus Management Corp., a leading provider of enterprise software products and services for educational institutions, once again proves its ability to provide a solution to help small colleges operate more efficiently and ultimately increase enrollment and profits.

Based in West Virginia, Valley College offers career-focused programs online and at its three campuses, and serves as a prime example of how Campus Management supports the growth objectives of colleges and universities, regardless of size. With a current student population of approximately 250 students, Valley College has experienced 100 percent growth since implementing CampusVue Student almost 12 months ago, which includes a doubling of its student and revenue base, while only needing to increase its staff by 25 percent.

The CampusVue Student solution is designed to enable institutions to achieve measurable results, from increased enrollment and retention rates, to greater advancement and reduced operational costs.

"Many of the most successful proprietary, post-secondary institutions rely on Campus Management software to drive their business growth, so when it came time to select a cost-effective solution to support our school, the decision was easy," stated Tony Palmieri, President and CEO of Valley College.

According to Eric Kramer, Senior Director of Sales for Campus Management, "One of the underlying goals of Campus Management is to offer solutions across the entire post-secondary education sector. We view the small college segment as an underserved market that can greatly benefit from our services. Through CampusVue Student, we can empower these institutions to implement best-in-class software solutions to enable them to compete successfully and that can grow with them as they grow."

The shift from using dozens of disparate spreadsheets and paper forms for school records, to a comprehensive integrated multi-departmental platform, made all departments at Valley College more efficient.

"Since implementing CampusVue Student, our staff spends less time completing paperwork and more time doing what they do best, helping students have the best possible experience and outcome," said Mr. Palmieri. "It's a win-win situation for both our staff and students, which has resulted in stronger retention levels."

In addition to streamlining departmental records and making processes more efficient, CampusVue Student has also improved operational visibility. Data reporting helps staff to capture details and errors that manual systems may overlook.

"CampusVue Student has allowed Valley College to bridge the size gap and operate like a larger institution," said Mr. Palmieri. "I am confident that as our institution grows, our utilization of the solution will increase commensurately. Additionally, we expect to implement CampusVue Portal in parallel with a learning management system through Campus Management's integration of CampusVue Student and Moodlerooms' joule®."

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