On Campus: Fewer Instructors And Courses Because Of Budget Cuts, U ofWisconsin Official Says

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University of Wisconsin System campuses may have fewer instructors and course offerings under a proposed one-time state budget cut of $65.8 million over two years, according to UW System President Kevin Reilly.

Reilly wrote a letter last week to Brian Hayes, state budget director, outlining how the University of Wisconsin System would manage the cuts that Gov. Scott Walker's administration unveiled in October.

Reilly lamented the "highly disproportionate" level of the cuts, citing the fact that the UW System gets 7 percent of state funding but is taking 38 percent of the cuts, known as a lapse. He suggested an alternate level of $26.6 million.

It seems unlikely that the Department of Administration will reduce UW System's hit. In a November letter to Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, Secretary Mike Huebsch wrote that UW's cuts are proportionate to the available funds. That's because certain funds, such as school aids and medical assistance, were exempt.

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