On Campus: Bribes Didn't Stop UW-Madison Student Section's Sophomoric Chants

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Stern emails and promises of a free trip to a bowl game were apparently not enough to stop the UW-Madison student section's sophomoric tradition of yelling chants laced with four-letter words.

Saturday's Badgers game against Penn State at Camp Randall was the last chance for students to abstain from the chants-that-shall-not-be-named (at least in a family newspaper), per the request of Barry Alvarez and Bret Bielema.

Earlier in the season, the athletic director and head football coach sent an email to student season ticket holders asking them to stop the vulgar cheers. Later, they followed it up with an offer that if students went the whole game and the Fifth Quarter without yelling it, two random students would win a bowl game package that would include airfare, three nights in a hotel and a ticket to the game.

Justin Doherty, associate athletic director, said he thinks the athletic department made some "headway" on the issue, but no free trips to a bowl game were given out this year.

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