On Campus: Biddy Martin Wants To Use Tuition Hike For Financial Aid

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In one of her final acts as UW-Madison chancellor, Biddy Martin asked the UW Board of Regents if she can set aside money so that low-and-middle income students won't have to pay a proposed 5.5 percent tuition increase.

Martin sent a letter to the Regents and UW System President Kevin Reilly on Friday seeking approval to use $2.3 million from the 2011-12 tuition hike so that families with annual household incomes of less than $80,000 won't have to pay the increase.

The Regents will consider a proposed tuition increase of 5.5 percent for the University of Wisconsin System's 26 campuses at a meeting on Thursday. That's the equivalent of about a $300 a year increase at Green Bay, Parkside and Stevens Point and about a $400 a year increase at Madison and Milwaukee.

That will bring UW-Madison's total tuition to $8,592, which includes a tuition surcharge under the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates of $750 for in-state students.

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