Calvin College Alumni Using The Web To Push For More Welcoming Environment For LGBT Students

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A group of Calvin College alumni are pushing administrators to make campus a more welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

They’re circulating a petition on the website, which challenges the college to develop a culture that will help remove it from a list of the 20 most LGBT unfriendly schools in the nation by the Princeton Review.

“Welcoming and advocating for LGBTQ students is not acting unfaithfully toward denominational positions on homosexuality,” according to the petition, which was written by recent Calvin alumnus Joel Meredith. “Rather it is acting in the wise, compassionate, ever-reforming character that the Reformed tradition holds to, and more than that it is acting in the nature of Christ's expansive love for all God's children.”

Calvin administrators say they, too, want to be removed from the list. Calvin is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church.

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