California Students Protest Education Cuts At Capitol Rally

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Thousands of college students are protesting rising college prices and escalating higher-education cuts at California's Capitol today.

Students from public colleges and universities around the state boarded early morning buses and then marched the final mile to the rally, the second year of the "March in March" event. They were joined on the west lawn of the Capitol by lawmakers, professors, administrators and other higher-education supporters.

"The point is to make links and see where people can get together and where we have a common goal," UC Berkeley student Sally Diaz said amid the Sacramento demonstrators. "This crowd shows that people are starting to notice the cuts and are not going to go away."

The morning rally, which lasted less than an hour, came the same day as a Bay Area News Group report revealing the cost of attending a California State University or University of California campus had surpassed that of top private schools such as Harvard College for middle-income students.

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