California State University, Northridge, Shifts Offsite Backup to Panzura, Embraces Cloud

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Northridge, CA – March 20, 2013 – Panzura, a provider of global cloud storage solutions, today announced that California State University, Northridge (CSUN), selected the Panzura Global Cloud Storage System to transform its offsite data backup protection process by utilizing Panzura’s encrypted cloud storage controllers. By leveraging Panzura’s cloud-integrated platform, CSUN streamlined its offsite data protection efforts and significantly reduced storage needs, while also shifting CapEx to OpEx.

“Our goal was to increase process efficiency and reduce storage footprint for off-site backups by eliminating tape and avoiding use of campus-owned disk for off-site backup storage,” said Chris Olsen, Sr. Director of Infrastructure Services and ISO at CSUN. “We had some initial hesitations about cloud storage, including the cost to get data to the cloud, data security, and controlling capacity. With Panzura’s Global Cloud Storage System, we simply pointed our Symantec NetBackup application to the Panzura QuicksilverTM Cloud Storage Controller and the cloud became our backup target, while RSA 4096-bit encryption protected our data with us owning the encryption keys. The solution was straightforward to deploy and the deduplication exceeded our expectations.”

CSUN is part of the California State University system and has 35,000 registered students and 5,000 faculty and staff, 2 primary data centers, and a hot failover environment for critical systems at CSU, Sacramento. They manage approximately 300TB of NAS/SAN storage, protected by tape and disk storage. Their backup processes were becoming increasingly slow and cumbersome and they needed to transition from the endless CapEx cycle of refreshing tape backup equipment and provisioning more capacity for offsite data protection.

Panzura’s award-winning Global Cloud Storage System integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure while providing global integration of all enterprise sites and a public or private cloud. Customers eliminate the need for local storage for backup and archiving while enabling global consolidation of distributed Tier-2+ storage capacity, reduction of storage overhead, conversion of CapEx to OpEx, and access to any data, anytime, anywhere. Full local NAS features plus military-grade encryption provide unmatched IT control and security in a cloud-integrated, global storage platform.

“Enterprises are finding traditional data protection processes do not scale and cannot keep up with modern IT requirements,” said Ranajit Nevatia, Vice President of Marketing for Panzura. “California State University, Northridge, is leading the way in higher education toward embracing cloud storage to reduce CapEx and management of disk storage while improving data protection and recoverability. We are very pleased they have selected Panzura to achieve their storage goals.”

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