California State U Listens Up, Reconsiders Presidents' Pay Policy

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California State University trustees say they are finally getting the message that they can't afford to pay campus presidents ever higher salaries.

On Tuesday, the trustees will consider axing a policy adopted in January that let them pay new presidents 10 percent more than outgoing presidents. Instead, new salaries would be the same as the old ones - at least until 2014.

"We've listened to the criticism, and we're tweaking the policy," CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp said.

The trustees thought they were responding to criticism of high presidential salaries in January by offering raises to new presidents of no more than 10 percent. The policy also required CSU to consider fiscal realities before making an offer to a new president - realities that aren't very good right now: CSU lost $750 million in state funding this fiscal year and could lose another $200 million next year.

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