California bill for online college courses put on the back burner

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California’s higher education system is in need of reforms if college students want affordable college degrees for subsequent generations. A solution to overcrowded classrooms that has been continually discussed is the integration of online courses.

Senate Bill 520 is written to be the architect for systematic integration of online classes into campuses across California. However, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), who led the bill, stated that he will no longer push the legislation forward.

The bill remains relevant to the discussion of higher education reform. Steinberg stated that the Legislature will revisit the bill in August of 2014, after looking into the effectiveness of online courses more carefully.

The bill would’ve targeted overcrowded classes across all UC, CSU, and community college campuses by consulting with their respective academic senates. They would then devise a list of “20 high-demand lower division courses at his or her segment that are deemed necessary for program completion.”

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