Calhoun Vs. Drake: Is Huntsville Big Enough For Both 2-Year Colleges?

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Is Huntsville big enough for two prospering two-year colleges with broad ambitions for the future? Or are there loser-leaves-town stakes in play for Decatur-based Calhoun Community College and Drake State Technical College?

Or is there room for compromise?

These tedious questions are before the Alabama State Board of Education as Calhoun and Drake appear on a collision course for supremacy in Huntsville.

"We want the best for all the institutions," Calhoun President Dr. Marilyn Beck said. "We have always stated that. I hope our behavior has exemplified that type of philosophy. There is enough for all of us in the Huntsville/Madison County region. There are plenty of people who are still under-served in our region that all of us can grow and prosper and be very fine institutions."

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