CafeScribe mobile app provides better access to students as they study on-the-go

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College students are busier than ever before and they are finding every opportunity to study. Thanks to today’s increasingly mobile culture, on-the-go access is empowering students to study in some new and even strange places. According to a survey from Follett Higher Education Group, the strangest places students have studied are on the way to class, the restroom and at a party.

When students were asked if they would find more time to study if they always had their materials with them, an overwhelming 84 percent said yes. To help students take advantage of their new on-the-go study habits, Follett has updated its mobile application for its CafeScribe® digital textbook platform, available in both the Apple Store and Android Market. Students can now easily study, take notes and highlight all from their mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

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