BYU Bookstore Lays Off 29 Employees

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Facing financial losses, the BYU Bookstore laid off 29 employees on Friday, said Carri Jenkins, a Brigham Young University spokeswoman.

“As with bookstores across the country, in recent years, the BYU Bookstore has been losing money, and that’s with the best and most creative efforts on the part of staff,” Jenkins said. “But it is now clear, for the bookstore to be commercially viable and sustainable in the future, we had to make some significant changes, and that includes reducing our payroll costs.”

Jenkins noted that the campus bookstore is a self-sustaining business, meaning it does not get university funds or support from student tuition.

She said 25 of the employees who lost their jobs were full time and four were part time. All were in non-student positions.

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