"BYOD - Mobile Video Applications Revolutionize Today’s Learning Environment" at UBTech2012

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As use of live interactive video increases -- with students and teachers/administrators all connecting -- we're increasingly seeing students and teachers using their own technology devices. Some say the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is revolutionizing how educators teach and students learn. How are we, as educators, capitalizing on student-owned and faculty-owned mobile devices to radically change the learning environment?

Our youth are growing up on video. Students expect to communicate anytime, anywhere. What if we can connect from any desktop, laptop, tablet, and/or traditional video conferencing room system all at the same time - without having to worry about security, networks, differences among device manufacturers, or different wireless carriers? What if connecting by video over mobile devices can be as easy as dialing in to a voice call using cell phones and/or desktop phones?

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