Buyer Beware: Why Judge Dismissed Federal Lawsuit Against Cooley Law School

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A federal judge today dropped a class action lawsuit against Thomas M. Cooley Law School by former students who alleged they were misled by the school’s post-graduate employment reports.

U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist granted Cooley’s motion to dismiss, saying that while the school’s employment and salary figures were “vague and incomplete,” the students should have relied on more than statistics when making their decision to enroll.

“Plaintiffs and prospective students should have approached their decision to enter into law school with extreme caution given the size of the investment,” Quist wrote. “With red flags waiving and cautionary bells ringing, an ordinary prudent person would not have relied on the statistics to decide to spend $100,000 or more.”

The lawsuit was filed in August 2011 by a group of graduates who said they were misled by salary and job-placement rates included in the report.

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