Bullied Grand View Student Sues University, Athletes Over Broken Jaw

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A diminutive Grand View University student whose jaw was broken after dorm mates wrapped him in carpet, beat him and let him fall to the ground with his arms immobilized by duct tape and rope has sued the school and six of its students based on alleged negligence and bullying.

Polk County court papers say Cameron Fagen, 19, suffered a “bilateral mandible and temporal bone fracture, as well as a chin laceration” in April. According to the lawsuit, what started out as rough housing between Fagen and his friends last April 12 turned nasty when the dorm mates decided to roll Fagen up in some carpet left in the common room of Nielsen Hall at Grand View University.

Documents say the students used duct tape and a rope to secure Fagen in the carpet, then placed him upright in a corner of the room with his feet off the floor. The six men then “proceeded to punch, kick and beat him with a broom handle while he was unable to move within the carpet roll,” according to the lawsuit.

After he was set up in the corner again, Fagen fell on his chin and laid on the ground bleeding until a friend finally freed him from the carpet. The lawsuit says Fagen was confined for 38 minutes.

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