BU Open With Students, Parents About Wave Of Trouble

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For Boston University, it has been an awful four months: The college has seen an undergraduate badly injured in a fire, the arrest of two hockey players on sexual assault charges, two episodes of what appeared to be extreme hazing, and a student practical joke gone so badly awry it drew international media attention.

Last week, in by far the most serious and troubling event, a graduate student was slain off campus.

But even as BU courts the 19,589 high school seniors it has admitted for next year - who must decide whether to attend by Tuesday - the university is not downplaying the bad news. In fact, president Robert Brown is making sure parents know about recent events.

“We want to make sure they’re getting the facts accurately,’’ Brown said Thursday in an interview, his first extensive comments on the string of incidents. “You know, I’m a scientist. The facts are what they are.’’

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