Bryn Mawr College Admissions Officers Weigh in on Tina Fey Movie

Lauren Williams's picture

Still amidst the frenzy of the college entrance season, the admissions team at Bryn Mawr College took a break Wednesday night to go as a team to see the movie about their profession, starring Tina Fey.

They generally liked “Admission” in which Fey plays an admissions officer at Princeton, but thought that some of it was far from real life in a college admissions office.

“Too exaggerated. Way too exaggerated,” said Nate Hall, former admissions officer, now assistant director of college counseling at the private Baldwin School. “I don’t think we have relationships like that between the counselors and the admissions office.”

In the movie, Fey gets involved with the head of an experimental school, who is trying to get a student into the Ivy League Princeton.

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