Broward College Approves No Tuition Increase

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A week after students at Florida Atlantic University were slapped with a hefty tuition increase, Broward College went in a different direction: No increase at all.

Tuition will remain flat, the state college's Board of Trustees decided Tuesday, although students will have to pay $2 per credit hour more in capital improvement fees. A full-time student seeking an associate's degree will pay $3,117 this fall, up $60 from this past year. A student in one of the college's bachelor's degree programs will pay $3,529, also up $60.

"We've had at least five years of continuous tuition increases, and this will give students a breather," said Sean Guerin, chairman of Broward College's trustees.

It's a stark contrast from FAU, the primary transfer school for Broward College graduates. The FAU Board of Trustees requested, and the State Board of Governors approved, a 15 percent increase in tuition and 6 percent increase in fees for undergraduate students. The price tag at FAU will be $6,139 this fall, up $659 from this past year.

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