Brigham Young U To Move Daily Universe Newspaper To Digital Format

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Framing it as a move to strengthen journalism education, Brigham Young University intends to shift its student newspaper, the Daily Universe, to a mostly digital format and severely cut back its print schedule.

The newspaper, a lab publication for BYU’s communications department, has been a training ground for budding journalists, even though it doesn’t enjoy the independence of many campus papers, such as the University of Utah’s Daily Utah Chronicle.

"A lot of us are upset with the change from a daily to a weekly. We have worked at the university and it has played an important role in our education," said student journalist Hunter Schwartz, who helped revive Student Review, an independent monthly for the BYU community. "A lot of journalism is moving to the Web, but the best part of what you wrote [in the Universe] was that it was public because a lot of students read it every day. One of my fears is that students won’t get that experience because there isn’t that readership [online]."

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