Brandeis Endowment Slips in Fiscal 2012

Lynn Russo Whylly's picture

Brandeis’ roughly $700 million endowment took a negative dip in the last fiscal year, after several years of rebuilding from losses sustained in the 2008 recession. The endowment draw rate also declined slightly.

The return for fiscal 2012 was negative one percent, bringing it down to $675 million from fiscal 2011’s $704 million and 16.8 percent return, according to financial statements and data provided by Chief Investment Officer Nicholas Warren.

This is the endowment’s first negative return since the post-financial crisis figure of negative 17 percent in 2009.

The fund has climbed from its 1998 value of almost $300 million, posting a range of returns as high as 15 percent and as low as negative three percent, until it took a sharp upswing in the two years before the financial crisis hit. In the following year, it lost almost as much as it had gained.

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