A Brand-New, Sportsless Look for Higher Education (Opinion)

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Indulge me for a little while: What if colleges and universities didn’t have sports programs?

What if colleges and universities laid off their entire athletic staff, sold their athletic facilities, and transferred the income to academic staff and facilities?

What if colleges and universities handed out only academic scholarships?

What if teenagers who wanted to pursue a career in sports—or who just liked to play football and basketball and soccer, etc.—had easy access to local, private teams and organizations that specifically served teenagers?

These might be the results:

Instead of dividing their energies between academics and sports, colleges and universities would focus entirely on academics.

Instead of playing on a team and taking college courses halfheartedly, teenagers would have to choose whether to forgo college in order to play on a team, forgo playing on a team in order to attend college, or play on a team during the appropriate season and take college courses in the off-season.

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