Box Lets Oakland University Students Tell Secrets

Ann McClure's picture

Down a hallway at Oakland University's Oakland Center, on a table across from the student radio station, a wood box beckons, waiting for secrets to be shared.

The box, one of nearly two dozen scattered in buildings across campus, is part of a new project designed to get students at this largely commuter university to connect with one another and spark dialogue. Part art project, part confessional, students anonymously submit postcard-sized photos or pieces of art, on which they confess their deepest secrets, which are then uploaded to a website.

The site,, will run until Sept. 21 when Frank Warren, founder of the internationally known website on which it's based,, visits campus.

"It really strips people down to a human level and allows you to relate to each other without biases, without stereotypes," said Emilia Allen, multicultural affairs director for Oakland's Student Congress who launched the site this summer.

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