Both Sides Of Gun Debate Rallying Today At Va. Tech

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Activists on both sides of the campus gun-rights debate have converged on Virginia Tech's campus today.

Some 35 gun-rights advocates gathered in front of Squires Student Center to demonstrate their support for concealed-carry rights on college campuses.

Just 30 feet away from the demonstrators, who carried signs and passed out stickers to passers-by, stood a group of 10-15 anti-gun demonstrators, rallying in favor of a gun-free campus. Survivors and family members of victims of the April 16, 2007 campus shootings on Virginia Tech's campus were among them.

The two sides remained separate during most of the rally, with a few arguments and some shouting back and forth. They carried signs that said, on one side of the rally: "No guns on campus." On the other: "Rapists agree, keep VT gun free."

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