Book of Boss: Rutgers will offer Bruce Springsteen theology course

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Bruce Springsteen recently ended his world tour, and now his songs are going to school. New Jersey's own Rutgers University plans to offer a freshman seminar looking at Springsteen's lyrics from a theological perspective. According to a Q&A on Rutgers' website (via TIME), the class will examine biblical allusions ranging from the Boss' debut album, 1973's Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J., up through last year's Wrecking Ball, perhaps the biggest victim of Miley Cyrus' twerk year.

The course is a change of pace for Azzan Yadin-Israel, an associate professor of Jewish studies and classics who's more likely to be found giving a lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls or Plato. Redemption, Yadin-Israel, said in the Q&A, is one of Springsteen's major religious motifs. "Springsteen tries to drag the power of religious symbols that are usually relegated to some transcendent reality into our lived world," he said.

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