Bonuses For Some U of South Alabama Employees Draws Ire From Excluded Health Care Workers

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Voting unanimously today, University of South Alabama trustees approved more than $3.5 million in bonuses or "one-time salary supplements" for the nearly 2,000 employees in the university's general division.

But the action is drawing criticism from some of the school's more than 3,300 health care workers, who are excluded from the bonuses.

"There's too many families out there that are wanting to have a better Christmas for their children or their grand kids and then they're saying nothing, no bonus, no nothing, and that's just awful," said Vanessa Brown, a residency program specialist at USA Medical Center's department of radiology.

Brown, who has worked 33 years for USA, told the trustees that workers in the health care system are upset and seeking jobs elsewhere. She said she didn't understand why the university can continue expensive building projects while ignoring the health care workers.

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