Board of Regents OKs UW-Madison Employment System Revamp

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A proposed overhaul of UW-Madison's employment system cleared another hurdle Friday, winning approval from the UW Board of Regents despite opposition by some at the morning meeting.

"Coupled with Act 10, this means that thousands of classified employees previously covered by a collective bargaining agreement are now subject to the tender mercies of the Board of Regents regarding conditions of employment," said Regent John Drew, a United Auto Workers representative from Milwaukee appointed to the board in 2008 by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

He singled out changes he said would tilt power to management and away from workers. Cost-of-living pay raises should be the first priority, he said, instead of the plan's guidelines to base raises on other factors including the market, performance and internal equity. Seniority should remain the only factor — instead of the primary factor, as called for in the plan — in deciding who gets laid off, he said.

Regent Tony Evers, the state superintendent of public instruction, joined Drew in voting no. They were the only two votes against it.

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