Bill would require University System of Maryland sex assault education

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One week after President Obama announced the creation of a White House task force aimed at combating sexual assault at the nation’s colleges, a committee in this state’s House of Delegates heard testimony for a bill with similar goals, highlighting a growing awareness among campuses nationwide.

If passed, the state’s bill, sponsored by Del. Jon Cardin (D-Baltimore County), would require all University System of Maryland institutions to administer a sexual assault survey every three years — focusing on student experiences with sexual violence, how universities are responding to incidents and the ways students are educated — then report those findings to the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony on the proposed legislation yesterday, including from university alumna and former Diamondback editor Lauren Redding.

The surveys, Redding said, would create greater accountability at the state level, allowing officials to “zero in” on sexual violence, rather than overall crime, which colleges are already required to report under the Clery Act.What do you think?

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