Berklee College Of Music Becomes A Youtube Star

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Berklee College of Music’s pioneering use of online video to attract students from around the globe has earned an unusual distinction from Internet search giant Google Inc., which will make a special effort to turn the Boston school into a YouTube star.

On Monday, Google - which owns YouTube - named Berklee as one of nine “YouTube ambassadors,’’ organizations that have been particularly effective at using the site to reach new customers.

“What it really comes down to is, they are essentially a small business that has picked out a niche,’’ said Baljeet Singh, group product manager for YouTube. “When you watch the videos, you understand what they are selling.’’

Berklee will receive prominent billing on YouTube’s home page - a space usually reserved for paying advertisers - and personal attention from the Web gurus at Google, who flew school representatives to its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters this month for a seminar on how to better use YouTube.

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