BenQ launches next-generation LX60ST and LW61ST education projectors featuring mercury-free blue core light engine

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BenQ America Corp. today introduced the first short-throw education projectors to feature the company's cutting-edge, mercury-free blue core light engine: the LX60ST and LW61ST. Designed to bring images to life while keeping the total cost of ownership down for schools, the blue core light engine utilizes the unparalleled qualities of a laser light source rather than a traditional mercury lamp to achieve up to 90 percent less light source power consumption. In addition, BenQ's blue core light engine-driven SmartEco Advanced(TM) technology optimizes the units' light source systems to deliver exceptional brightness, longer life, and high-energy efficiency.

"Educators recognize that classroom technology is the key to stimulating and engaging today's tech-savvy learners," said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. "However, they face a tough decision when balancing cost of ownership and performance. We understand this challenge, and our LX60ST and LW61ST blue core light engine projectors offer the ideal solution. They lower overall costs by saving 90 percent on power consumption, while providing unmatched performance for exceptional image quality and simple operation for teachers. In addition, utilizing a mercury-free light source is more environmentally friendly and safe."

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