The Benefits of Social Media for Higher Education

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Digital marketing strategies vary greatly depending on the industry. Those in higher education are often caught in the crosshairs of upholding history and tradition and moving forward into the future with students. This makes it vital that their social media marketing efforts comprise part of a larger strategy focused on the overall institutional brand.

As social networks continue to advance and meld into aspects of everyday life, the academic world is determining the way in which these digital tools can work to educational advantage in correlation with conventional methods. The intended core of social media is communication, providing great opportunities for those within the education industry to connect, share and learn.

Dr. James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College, describes his experience with the changing digital landscape: “over the past two to three years, social media has become a primary tool and strategy for recruitment, for marketing, for development, for public relations, for alumni relations and for moving our unique school toward a ‘thought leadership’ position.”

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