Belkin Introduces New Ergonomic Tablet Stands Designed for the Classroom

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Belkin Enterprise, a trusted leader of complete computing solutions for office, IT infrastructure and mobile environments, today announced two new tablet stand solutions for the education market. Designed as a result of extensive research and insights gathered from users in the education field, the new Belkin Tablet Stand and Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage are ideally suited for the classroom environment where mobile learning and digital content collaboration are reshaping the educational experience.

Tablet usage and its impact on comfort and ergonomics is a growing industry concern. A recent collaborative study by Harvard School of Public Health and Microsoft found that tablet users may be at high risk to develop neck discomfort based on behaviors driven by the limitations of tablet designs. The report suggests that head and neck posture can be improved by establishing optimal viewing angles. This data was factored into the development of Belkin's new tablet stands so that student discomfort is minimized while device viewability and usability are optimized.

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