Belkin Enables Next-Generation Education With Stage App For Ipad And Ergonomic Stand For Tablet Presentations

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Austin, TX - Belkin today announced the Belkin Stage app for next-generation learning using an iPad. Belkin Stage app for iPad combines the convenience of a document camera with the power of aninteractive whiteboard for cost-effective, connected learning that boosts student success. Belkin also unveiled its Tablet Stage, an ergonomic stand for tablets that makes classroom presentations easy to deliver.

The new app enables educators to sketch and annotate over live video for engaging tutorials. It also displays objects using the iPad camera with the ability to sketch, write, label or laser point to objects in real time. With a simple connection to a projector or second screen, iPad creations can be easily shared and viewed with an entire classroom.

The Belkin Stage app reduces the expense of outfitting adigital classroom. By displacing expensive and cumbersome technology such as document cameras and interactive whiteboards, Belkin Stage engages audiences with real-time video feed without the high cost.

Key features of the Belkin Stage app include:

- Document camera function to capture live video

- Drawing function where users can overlay text on live video

- Label function so users can overlay labels on live video

- Video output function so all video and interactions can be output via a wired or wireless connection Available in Stage app version 1.1, to be released February 28, 2013:

- Recording function allows users to record (using screen capture) all video and created interactions

- Upload function so users can upload recorded sessions tocollaborative sites including YouTube EDU

For easier in-classroom use, educators can pair the Belkin Stage app with the Tablet Stage - an ergonomic stand for tablets that makes classroom presentations easy to deliver. Tablet Stage securely holds tablets in place for effortless document projection and convenient use.

Key features of Tablet Stage include:

- Case compatible - no need to remove tablet case for use

- Easily removable, keeping tablet mobile

- Adjustable tablet orientation, landscape or portrait

- Adjustable tablet angle, flat to vertical

- Adjustable height - view full size documents or zoom in for detailed macro views

- Dual brightness adjustable LED light

- Integrated stylus holder

- Surface attachment option

Pricing and Availability

The Belkin Stage app is immediately available at no cost and downloadable through the iTunes web site. Tablet Stage will be available in March 2013, and priced at $199.

The Belkin Stage app and the Tablet Stage are Belkin's latest solutions designed to serve the growing needs of school districts and educators, both in and beyond the classroom. For more information, please visit: