Behind High Tuitions, There's $2.4 Billion in Financial Aid

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There’s bad news for would-be college students, then good news, then more bad news. Stick with us.

The bad – for most Washington students – is the new round of steep tuition increases headed their way. Earlier this month, Washington State University approved its second consecutive 16 percent increase, which will raise the price of next year’s schooling by $1,500.

The University of Washington also looks headed for a 16 percent increase; the UW and WSU will each cost something north of $11,000 in 2012-2013. Tuition will be lower at other public universities and lower still at community and technical colleges, but it has been rising fast around the state.

Students of limited means, should not be scared off by sticker shock, however; herein lies the good news. A surprising amount of money is available to help them earn academic or technical degrees.

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