BCS Era Has Taken Some Of Sweetness Out Of The Orange Bowl

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The grand old game now known as the Orange Bowl has taken on the look of an aging theater: More glamour in the yellowed photos in the lobby from past shows than in the names lately gracing the marquee.

Even fans of Clemson and West Virginia aren't rushing to see the Orange Bowl match-up Wednesday night at Sun Life Stadium. Both schools are coming up well short of selling out their allotments of 17,500 tickets.

The BCS era has stripped much of the luster from the traditional bowls. While there was an element of monotony when the Orange Bowl's former tie to the Big Eight/Big 12 brought Nebraska or Oklahoma year after year, the game usually carried national significance. It produced the national champion five times during the 1990s, and 14 overall.

That can no longer happen with the title decided by the BCS National Championship that follows the major bowls and revolves among the four BCS sites: The 2013 game will be at Sun Life Stadium.

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