Bay Path College begins cyber security program

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Cassidy Wolf probably didn't pay much attention to cybersecurity. But that was before a hacker, allegedly a high school classmate in California, took over the camera in her laptop and turned it into a remote-control spycam. the hacker is accused of then then trying to use the photos of Wolf taken when she thought she was alone to blackmail her.

"Now imagine if that was a chief financial officer of a company," said Lawrence Snyder, director of the new CyberSecurity Management program at Bay Path College in Longmeadow. "If the hacker has access to the webcam, the hacker has access to that computer. Or think of the blackmail possibilities."

It's Snyder's job to think about those types of breaches, and to help his students at Bay Path learn how to prevent them. Hired just this summer from Herkimer county Community College in New York, he has a doctorate in information technology.

"All that has to happen is that someone has to leave a home wireless network unsecured," Snyder said. "Follow the directions. Do what the software tells you to do."

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