Barrett Calls On Everest To Pay Off Loans Of Jobless Graduates

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he thinks the company that runs Everest College should do even more to help students burdened by large student loans and unemployment.

In a letter to Jack D. Massimino, chairman of the board and CEO of Corinthian Colleges Inc., the parent company of the Everest College chain and other for-profit schools, Barrett said he welcomed the school's vow to pay off the student loans for those who did not complete course work at Everest.

But Barrett said Corinthian should have included students who may have completed course work at Everest but have been unable to find work.

"I ask you to extend the offer to pay off student loans to those individuals," Barrett said. "Second, I ask you to publicly share the progress Corinthian Colleges Inc., is making in fulfilling the student loan payoff pledge."

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