Baltimore City CC President Says She's Perplexed By State Audit

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The president of Baltimore City Community College says she's "completely perplexed" by a recently released state audit that questions the circumstances around a $200,000 payment to the college.

President Carolane Williams said the 2009 payment, from the college's landlord at the Maryland BioPark in West Baltimore, was always intended as a gift to support BCCC's involvement with the facility.

The audit, released Wednesday, said the circumstances of the payment were questionable, because the college referred to it in multiple documents as related to BCCC's lease agreement with Wexford Science & Technology. If the payment was part of the lease, auditors said, it should have been revealed to the state's Department of General Services and to the Board of Public Works. Under state law, they added, the college should not have transferred the $200,000 to its foundation, which ultimately used the money for scholarships.

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