Ball State Ready To Seize Business To Build Hotel-Dorm

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If necessary, Ball State University will exercise its eminent domain power to seize a building housing a copy center/printing business on which it plans to build a $25-million hotel, conference center, restaurants and dormitory for hospitality and food management students.

After spending more than a year in private, "good faith" negotiations and executive sessions discussing how to proceed, the university's board of trustees on Wednesday authorized the university to file a court action against Chris Hiatt, an outspoken tax protester and government watchdog doing business as Hiatt Printing.

The trustees, a majority of whom are business people themselves, said during a meeting that they have been "incredibly patient," "fair" and "reasonable" in their efforts to "avoid this action."

Hiatt's building, which includes apartments on the second floor, is the only property in the block that the university still needs before it can start the hotel project at the northeast corner of University and McKinley avenues, across the street from the BSU administration building.

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