Balky website still bugs college applicants

Lauren Williams's picture

President Obama's health care website is not the only one creating nightmares this week.

Lingering glitches bedeviling an online college-application service continue to haunt this fall's admissions season, prompting dozens of colleges to extend deadlines and threatening to throw off carefully crafted timelines for notifying students of decisions.

"I'm not in that crisis mode yet, but I don't feel we're at anything close to a permanent solution," says Chris Lydon, director of enrollment management at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass. As of Wednesday, he had been unable to access applications, even though he could see that more than 1,000 had been submitted electronically.

More than 40 colleges, including Stonehill, have rolled back fall admissions deadlines, many of them set for Friday, to ease anxieties raised by a balky website for The Common Application, a Virginia-based non-profit that manages applications for 517 colleges. Among those announcing extensions Wednesday were Furman University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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