Bainbridge State College Set to Build Donalsonville Campus

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The gateway to Lake Seminole will soon be a gateway to higher education.

Bainbridge State College announced this week they will be expanding with a new campus in Donalsonville.

And the new facility will fill the site left vacant by a devastating fire in 2011.

State College status, a new 6,000 square foot campus, the last few months have treated Bainbridge State College well.

"Well this college is obviously moving in the right direction and we're excited about that. The announcement that we had this year is significant for the institution. It grows on a 40 year tradition that we're really proud of and we expect the next 40 years to be even better," said College President Dr. Richard Carvajal.

The College announced plans this week to open a brand new facility in Donalsonville.

And the reaction in the small south Georgia town is favorable.

"In fact the Chamber conducted a survey three or four years ago and the results clearly showed we needed Bainbridge College in Donalsonville," said Donalsonville Chamber President Brenda Broome.

The facility will be built at the corner of Highway 84 and Cherry Street in Downtown Donalsonville.

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