Automation Federation and AACC Launch Automation Community College Consortium

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The Automation Federation announced that the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has approved and will fully support the creation of a U.S. Automation Community College Consortium.

The Automation Federation presented the Automation Community College Consortium concept to a very receptive AACC during a recent visit to Washington, D.C. The AACC recognized the valuable work the Automation Federation is undertaking with community colleges for the creation of an automation curriculum. This curriculum is key to achieving the Automation Federation’s goal of building the “Next Generation of Automation Professionals.”

Automation is the central factor in the continued global competitiveness of the U.S., and more specifically in the revitalization of manufacturing. Current estimates show that thousands of new automation professionals are needed annually to fill critical manufacturing and other automation-related jobs as the baby-boomer generation enters retirement. Unfortunately, the replacement workforce to fill these vital positions is critically lacking. We must begin to educate the “Next Generation of Automation Professionals” today to avoid an adverse impact on the ability of U.S. industry to grow and compete globally in the future.

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