Audit: NDSU, UND Inappropriately Spent Student Fees

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Students applying to North Dakota State University’s graduate school bought an $11,000 first-class ticket to India for the school’s dean for a recruiting trip, and UND’s graduate school applicants indirectly bought five iPads for university employees — but they didn’t know it at the time.

The state auditor’s office released a report Tuesday that found both universities had “inappropriately” spent some of the millions of dollars they take in each year through student fees.

It also raised concerns over a general lack of accountability and transparency about how this money is spent, with auditors at times unable to determine what funds were used to cover certain expenses.

Some fees are charged to all students, such as UND’s health fee of $111.84 per semester during the 2010-2011 academic year. Other fees are charged to students in certain courses or programs, such as the pharmacy program fee at NDSU that added up to $2,820 each semester two years ago.

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