At Auburn University, Other Colleges Some Students Turn Dorm Rooms Into Plush Living

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As college students across the nation settle into fall campus life, some are demanding and getting more than classic bare-bones dorm decor and comfort. And they're finding it by hiring interior designers and paying big bucks for the necessary fixings, USA Today reports.

One national collegiate official says it's the result of a well-to-do student population who see the dorm room as more of an extension of their homes. To maximize time saved and results, they are turning to professional designers such as Auburn, Ala.-based Moxii.

The mostly female students and their parents are shelling out $1,500 to $3,000 or much more, according to the newspaper. The desirable designs include such elements as upholstered headboards, wallpaper and chandeliers.

The USA Today report includes a photo gallery of one Auburn University student's room, but the phenomenon is present on many campuses. Earlier Moxii work at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham can be seen in this post by

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