Attorneys General Target For-Profit Colleges Looking To Make A Buck — Especially Off Veterans

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Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has joined 21 of her counterparts in asking Congress to limit the ability of for-profit colleges to enrich themselves at taxpayers’ expense by going after veterans and the lucrative benefits of the GI Bill.

The bid is the latest chapter in a nationwide campaign to better police private colleges that seek to turn a profit by offering higher education to those who don’t — or usually can’t — attend public universities.

Over the past few years, national officials have become convinced that the quality of the education at such institutions takes a backseat to financial interest, turning these purveyors of degrees into predatory, double-talking recruiters, who offer sub-par services.

As a result, the colleges are turning out graduates who are far less competitive in the job market than those coming from private and public nonprofit institutions, according to academic and government investigations.

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