Atlantic Cape Community College President Agrees Not To Take Increase To His $179,000 Salary

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Atlantic Cape Community College President Peter Mora has agreed not to accept a raise for the third year in a row.

A resolution read by trustee Eric Reynolds and approved Tuesday night by the college’s Board of Trustees said that the Board Presidential Evaluation Committee found Mora’s overall performance during the 2011-12 year to be excellent.

But, the resolution states, prevailing economic conditions in the state and region has led to uncertainty regarding future funding and the need to carefully address all expenditures. Both the Evaluation Committee and Mora agreed that it is in the best economic interests of the college to make no change to his compensation for the 2012-13 academic year, it concludes.

Mora earns $179,571 plus benefits. He gets the same benefit package as other college employees, and the board contributes 10 percent of his salary to his pension. He has a car allowance.

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