The Athletes Network Launches Nationwide

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The Athletes Network launched nationwide last week. The Athletes Network empowers athletes of every level, parents from every background, and coaches from every program throughout the entire recruiting process. "We believe that The Athletes Network represents the next generation of athletic recruiting," said Anthony Zarro, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our introduction of The Athletes Network into the recruiting process will potentially revolutionize the current process” added Zarro.

The Athletes Network ushering in the digital era of college recruiting.

The Athletes Network features interactive, data-driven search results for coaches and national exposure for student athletes at every level. The enhanced exposure and educational resources facilitate a connection between the right athlete and the right collegiate athletic program. Effectively leveling the playing field and allowing every student athlete the ability to showcase their athletic profile. "We’re proud to launch a service that we believe can positively change the lives of our student athletes.” said Chris Dessi, Co-Founder and CMO. “Our members will have access to a database of over 25,000 college coaches nationwide” added Dessi.

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