Assumption College Student Backs Norway Massacre Suspect

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A senior at a Roman Catholic college in Massachusetts who has written letters of support to a Norwegian mass murder suspect will not be on campus “for the foreseeable future,’’ according to school officials.

Officials at Assumption College in Worcester would not say Friday whether student Kevin Forts would graduate in May. Renee Buisson, the school’s public affairs director, released a statement saying that Forts has a right to express personal opinions as a US citizen, but that his conduct was “under administrative review.’’

The review includes his comments to a Norwegian news outlet in support of Anders Breivik, as well as an arrest in an alleged assault on campus this year.

Breivik is standing trial in Norway in a shooting and bombing massacre in July that killed 77 people, including children. He confessed but rejects guilt by saying he was trying to protect Norway and Europe by targeting political forces he says opened the country to immigration. He has said that an anti-Muslim network he is part of will lead a revolt with the aim of deporting Muslims.

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