Assembly Committee Doesn’t Vote on Gun Gills

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Amanda Collins burst into tears Friday as an Assembly chairman rejected a motion for a vote on a bill allowing people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns on Nevada’s higher education campuses.

The same bill was killed in the same manner two years ago. Collins believes the bill would have passed Friday if a vote was allowed.

“All the women who get raped on our campuses, their blood is on his hands,” Collins said of Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas. “He had an opportunity to prevent that.”

Collins was the victim of a 2007 rape on the University of Nevada, Reno campus when walking to her car in a campus parking garage following a night class.

The Associated Press does not typically identify the victims of sexual abuse. However, Collins agreed to talk to the AP following the meeting.

AB143 proposed allowing people with a concealed weapons permit to carry firearms on higher education campuses. An amendment to the bill limited that ability to students attending evening classes and allowed school officials to set regulations governing concealed guns in campus housing.

Existing law gives campus presidents authority to grant permission for someone to carry a concealed weapon when a specific threat exists.

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