Art students find inspiration at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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Where employees saw a typical workspace with concrete walls, decade’s worth of graffiti and remnants of old motor generators at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University students saw inspiration for art.

Art instructor Josephine Halvorson taught the course, “Advanced Painting: The Search for Subject,” where she took her six students to the Princeton laboratory, owned by the US Department of Energy, to use objects and settings not typically perceived as inspiration for paintings.

“It was clear that it was an amazing place and it would be a great experience for the students to be in a completely different environment,” Halvorson said.

The course, Halvorson said, is designed to take students outside the classroom or studio to paint, and she was invited to explore the laboratory, founded in 1951 by Princeton professor Lyman Spitzer, where plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion energy research are conducted.

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