Arrests in a Freshman’s Drinking Death Reflect a Tougher Approach

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All it took was two hours.

In that time, David Bogenberger, one of 19 pledges seeking entry into the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity here at Northern Illinois University, drank enough to put him nearly four times over the legal alcohol limit. Mr. Bogenberger, a 19-year-old freshman, died in his sleep that night.

Now the authorities in this rural Illinois college town are holding the fraternity members that orchestrated the November initiation event accountable, issuing arrest warrants this week for 22 students charged with felony and misdemeanor hazing counts.

“This wasn’t just a spontaneous party, it wasn’t something that kind of happened through the course of the night,” said Lt. Jason Leverton of the DeKalb police. “It was very much preplanned, it was predetermined that the goal here was to get the pledges extremely intoxicated.”

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